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Just another Gakuen ( school ) Collab hosted by yours truly~ ( Jay-tan ) This is Yuuku Gakuen, a place for misfits, delinquents and the likes who're looking to ( or were forced to ) change for the better! However, with the "different" variety of students attending, will they be able to reform before they graduate?! ( Just to clarify, all characters are still humans! Sorry for any misunderstandings~ ) +-------------------------------------------+ Collab Rules!: 1) Apply and create a character~ 2) Have fun. owo 2.1/2) I dont know why but i just felt like adding this as a reminder. This is Pg.16. Know when to stop at the line folks~ Thanks ^^ This is generally one of those collabs where you can pretty much fool around with little stories and such. ( ie. Vocaloid Gakuen and UTA Gakuen and etc. search them up and you'll now what i mean. ) Simply a romance/comedy sorta thing. Accepting MORE! Spots left! [10/12 Looks like two more slots opened up! Send in your applications while positions are open!


October 25th, 2009, 1:56 pm

A Notice To All You Co-Authors

Just posting up to tell you guys that if you already have your character up, feel free to start making comics to your hearts content~ I wont stop you, lol.

Hope you guyz'll have a bunch of fun. :3

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